Pos. 64th Street
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Positively 4th Street, performed by Bob Dylan
G)You got a (Am)lotta nerve to (C)say you are my (G)friend
When I was (D)down (C)you just (Em7)stood there (D)grinning
(G)You got a (Am)lotta nerve to (C)say you got a helping (G)hand
You just (D)want to be (C)on the (Em7)side that's (D)winning

(G)You say I (Am)let you down (C)you know it's not (G)like that
If you're so (D)hurt (C)why then (Em7)don't you (D)show it
(G)You say you (Am)lost your faith but(C) that's not where it's (G)at
You (D)had no fa(C)ith to (Em7)lose and you (D)know it

(G)I know the (Am)reason that you (C)talk behind my (G)back
I (D)used to be a(C)mong the (Em7)crowd you're (D)in with
(G)Do you take me for (Am)such a fool to (C)think I'd make (G)contact
With the (D)one who tries to (C)hide what he (Em7)don't know to be(D)gin with

(G)You see me (Am)on the street you (C)always act sur(G)prised
You say, (D)"How are y(C)ou?" "Good (Em7)luck" but you don't (D)mean it
(G)When you know as (Am)well as me you'd (C)rather see me paral(G)yzed
Why (D)don't you(C) just come(Em7) out once and (D)scream it

(G)No, I do not (Am)feel that good when I (C)see the heartbreaks you e(G)mbrace
If (D)I was a m(C)aster thie(Em7)f perhaps I'd (D)rob them
(G)And now I know you're dis(Am)satisfied with your (C)position and your (G)place
(D)Don't you unde(C)rstand it's (Em7)not my (D)problem

(G)I wish that for (Am)just one time you could (C)stand inside my (G)shoes
And (D)just for that on(C)e moment(Em7) I could (D)be you
(G)Yes, I wish that for (Am)just one time you could (C)stand inside my (G)shoes
You'd(D) know (C)what a(Em7) drag it is to (D)see you
Lyric Credits: Bob Dylan
Music Credits: Bob Dylan
Producer Credits: Bob Dylan
Publisher Credits: Bob Dylan
Performance Credits: Allan Hurd
Label Credits: Bob Dylan
Song Length: 4:08
Primary Genre: Country-Rock
Secondary Genre: Rock-General
Tempo / Feel: Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Relationship
Subject Matter 2: Bad Love
Mood 1: Anxious
Mood 2: Beside Yourself
Similar Artist 1: Bob Dylan
Similar Artist 2: Bob Dylan
Language: English
Era: 1960 - 1969
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